• Lady Rose and the Letters of Rapture

      An intimate encounter of concentrated romance, this interactive love-letter installation is inhabited by Lady Rose, a woman perpetually lost in Valentine’s Day.  You can receive, request or write for yourself in this warm and welcoming world for reflection, connection and kitsch.
      “Thank you for bringing all the romance, that the world has missed for 200 years, back.” – David O’Brian

      Navigating Gravity

      In pursuit of exoticism, absurdity and life sublime-  a collection of words and pictures about travel, arts and yoga.  It began as a adventure journal from world travels with a circus, and continued with poetry and photography when the tour ended (if it ever really ends). Read here.

    • Robo Porno

      After the rise of the machines, comes the rise of the robot porn.  This award winning cabaret act with music by Goldensound peers into the world of online chat, sexting, emoticons and the line between technology and reality.

    • Spandexx Ballet

      Spandexx Ballet present full-throttle 80′s-style aerobics classes, putting the fabulous back into fitness all over Adelaide. Break out your sweatbands, dust off your lycra and prepare to get leotarded.  Join Tyrone, Debbie and Mystique, your three workout wunderkids united in their love of fitness AND hotness, and committed to bringing the heat to an aerobics floor near you.  Watch it happen and follow us. “Choose Life. Choose Lycra.”

    • Billet Doux

      Sigh! Swoon! Palpitate!  With the aural delicacies of Goldensound, this experimental performance explored the language of contemporary romance in all it’s pay-per-minute splendour. From fetish to pop-culture to white weddings and back, it put the cheese on your crackers and the pourri back in your pots.  Watch the  kooky premier at Woodford Folk Festival in 2010.

    • ouTsideRs

      For many years, ouTsideRs Art Inc. was one of Australia’s premier slam, experimental performance art and music collectives. Alongside founders David Stavanger and Pascalle Burton, in the mid to late 2000′s Tessa co-created and hosted their cult showcases at various major venues around Brisbane. “…the most bizarre and brilliant live music events Brisbane is likely to witness…”-Time Off magazine